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Brooklyn, New York


A Living Experience in Precision Craftsmanship

From the entry stairway to the magnificent doors this Sollecito custom-built home gives new meaning to the word “stately!” Its one thing to create amazing home designs but it’s quite another to bring those designs into existence.

Creating the vision you want requires a unique level of talent. Exquisite homes like this one exemplifies Sollecito’s commitment. Sollecito Custom Homes brings its seasoned craftsmen to every project. Craftsmen who have honed their skills to a point of precision over many years. You’ll see that clearly as you review the photographs above, detailing this magnificent home in Brooklyn, New York.

Notice the vaulted Circle in the ceiling above the dining area. As you view the photos (which simply don’t do justice to the reality) notice the amazing visual quality that the tile floors offer and the woodwork and moldings. The study with its detailed vaulted ceilings and arched window and old-world precision style presentation. And the stunning surprise of the tastefully engineered indoor pool. This home of distinction offers premiere amenities and meticulous touches.

Attention to Detail Beyond the Expected

Everywhere you look there are wonderful features; stunning entryways, high ceilings; spaces with balanced architecture filled with light; and graciousness: the finest attention to detail. Sollecito Custom Homes combines innovation with the finest craftsmanship and the latest building products. As you see in this spectacular home in Brooklyn, New York, it’s a classic style, warm, and elegant; a balance of charm and design integrity.

The passion of Sollecito is built upon the utmost professionalism, value, and service to clients. They create partnerships with the area’s elite real estate specialists and the finest in home design and construction.

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