Building a Home with an Indoor Pool

Swimming in your home year round

The Jersey Shore is a wonderful place to be in the summer. Lot’s of outdoor things to do like swimming. However if you love swimming, swimming in the ocean is comfortable June through September. If you love swimming and are building a custom luxury home, think about an indoor pool. We’ve built a number of homes with indoor pools.

Therapeutic Swimming in the Comfort of your Home

This beautiful indoor pool and whirlpool (photo above) was installed in the home to create a spa-like experience and to allow for therapeutic swimming exercises all year long.

Thinking About an Indoor Pool? Consider the following:

It is easy to install an indoor pool in a new home construction or if the pool is housed in a standalone structure.

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor pool installations is that indoor pools requires a special ventilation system. The ventilation system will either exchanges air or dehumidifies air.

Indoor pools are easier to maintain than outdoor pools. They require fewer chemicals, less cleaning, and zero leaf-skimming.

If you are researching building a home with an indoor pool in NY or NJ, contact Sollecito Custom Homes.